Approvals For NA

NA: NA stands for non-agricultural land. Development of a built-up property is allowed only on NA land. The land’s status needs to be changed from agricultural to non-agricultural for any such development. This can be done through the local revenue office. There different types of NA i.e Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Farmhouse, Forest Home.

Documents for Verifications and Approvals : Land Records , Special Permissions on Land , Restrictions implied on Land, Land Ownership , Revenue Record of Land

Approved By : Tahasildar or Sub Divisional Officer or Collector

Purpose : Verification of documents is done to confirm at Tehsil level that Land is Clear or Disputed

Implications : Approval received confirms that Land is clear from disputes and is verified from all Owners so that no future encumbrances are there.

Approvals From Town Planning Department

Documents for Verifications and Approvals : Govt. Demarcation Sheet, Designs, Unit Plans, Master Plans

Approved By : District Town Planning Department Or PMRDA

Purpose : Verification is done to check whether or not planning & designing of Project is as per Development Control Regulations.

Implications : Approval received confirms the plan is as per DCR, Project gets approvals for FSI, Open Space & Amenities Space, Road Layout, Margins & Setback.

Physical site visit is done to ensure that Land is accessible by any public road and are there any rivers, tower line and railway line near to land.